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Jeong, Donghui



Donghui Jeong studies the origin and evolution of the Universe from astrophysical observations, including the temperature anisotropies and polarization of the cosmic microwave background, the large-scale distribution of matter and galaxies, and the distribution and spectrum of gravitational-wave sources. His current research focuses on unveiling the building blocks of the concordance Lambda-CDM cosmology model such as cosmic inflation, dark energy, and dark matter. At the moment, he is analyzing the HETDEX galaxy survey data to measure the dark-energy properties at an early time, and preparing for the A-SPEC galaxy survey that will map out the local dark-matter distribution from the observed peculiar velocity field.

  • Office: 1512 / TEL) 82-2-958-2514 /
  • School of Physics, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
  • 85 Hoegiro Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 02455, Republic of Korea.