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The KIAS Springer Series in Mathematics


Springer Nature is pleased to announce the publication of its first book as part of its new book series: KIAS Springer Series in Mathematics. 

The KIAS Springer Series in Mathematics publishes original content in the form of high level research monographs, lecture notes, proceedings and contributed volumes as well as advanced textbooks in English language only, in any field of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Books in the Series are connected to the research activities carried out by the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS), and will discuss recent results and analyze new trends in mathematics and its applications.

The first book, Recent Progress in Mathematics, provides intriguing explorations of the problems of current research and progress in mathematics. This is a multi-authored volume edited by Nam-Gyu Kang, Jaigyoung Choe, Kyeongsu Choi, and Sang-hyun Kim who are full professors at KIAS and Professor Kang serves as the Editor-in-Chief and Professors Choe, Choi, and Kim serve as Series Editors. 

Professor Jaigyoung Choe, the current President of the Korea Institute for Advanced Study states: “Originally, KIAS launched an electronic journal KIAS EXPOSITIONS in 2021. It was designed for high-quality expository articles in all areas of mathematics. Right after the start of the journal, Springer approached us to check the possibility of extending the journal into a book series with them. We readily agreed. We are pleased to be able to tell stories of KIAS mathematics to the readers in the world via KIAS Springer Book Series.”

Masayuki Nakamura, Editor (Mathematics) at Springer states: “We are so proud to start this brand-new series with a distinguished institute in South Korea. I had opportunities to visit this institute to meet or see professors of this institute in the past. Every time I visited the institute, I was hoping that we could collaborate with the KIAS someday. Indeed we were fortunate since Professor Jaigyoung Choe understood our thoughts/ideas on this series when we had the first meeting last year and every meeting between Professor Choe and us was so amicable. Now we can start this book series and we would like to collaborate with our series editors seriously.”