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Professor Kim Sang-hyun of the School of Mathematics Won the Choi Seok Jeong Award

Professor Kim Sang-hyun of the School of Mathematics was selected as one of the winners of the Choi Seok Jeong Award 2023 by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korean Mathematical Society. This recognizes his contribution to the spread of mathematical culture in Korea through his introduction of specialized modern mathematics topics, such as the continuum hypothesis and the Riemann hypothesis, through TV programs, books, and newspaper columns.

The Choi Seok Jeong Award, established in 2021 to honor the mathematical achievements of Choi Seok Jeong, a government official and a scholar in the Joseon Dynasty, is granted to scientists and engineers who have contributed to mathematics, the application of mathematics, and the spread of mathematical culture. A prize, including money, was given by the Minister of Science and ICT.

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