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Port-based entanglement teleportation via noisy resource states
KIAS Author
Jeong, Kabgyun
Port-based teleportation (PBT) represents a variation of the standard quantum teleportation and is currently being employed and explored within the field of quantum information processing owing to its various applications. In this study, we focus on PBT protocol when the resource state is disrupted by local Pauli noises. Here, we fully characterise the channel of the noisy PBT protocol using Krauss representation. Especially, by exploiting the application of PBT for entanglement distribution necessary in realizing quantum networks, we investigate entanglement transmission through this protocol for each qubit considering noisy resource states, denoted as port-based entanglement teleportation (PBET). Finally, we derive upper and lower bounds for the teleported entanglement as a function of the initial entanglement and the noises. Our study demonstrates that quantum entanglement can be efficiently distributed by protocols utilizing large-sized resource states in the presence of noise and is expected to serve as a reliable guide for developing optimized PBET protocols. To obtain these results, we address that the order of entanglement of two qubit states is preserved through the local Pauli channel, and identify the boundaries of entanglement loss through this teleportation channel.